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Governor Newsom: Helping Kids Across California

Gavin Newsom has a track record which attests to helping kids across California

As part of Gavin Newsom’s $4.7 billion Master Plan for Kids’ Mental Health, California recently awarded $30.5 million to 63 groups to support youth mental health through community and evidence-based practices, supporting parents, grandparents, and other family caregivers.

"California is making unprecedented investments to help kids dealing with mental health challenges," said Gavin Newsom. "We’re meeting kids, parents, and families where they are to deliver critical mental health support – helping them grow up healthier and stronger by connecting them with key resources in their communities."

Further, the Governor said: "(...) While states across our country attack academic freedom, California is leading on parental choice and participation, creating a place where every student has a chance to thrive and every family has access to an education system that fosters opportunity. In California, parents have the right to actively participate in their child’s learning, and we’re transforming education so all students can learn on a safe campus where they can receive quality education, healthy meals, mental health care, and have the freedom to learn without political censorship. (...)".

We read (...) "At a time when other states are limiting children’s ability to reach their full potential through politically-motivated book bans, racist and reductive history curriculums, and the closing of school libraries, we are focusing on the needs of the whole child and family," said First Partner Siebel Newsom. "California’s family agenda ensures kids have the opportunity and environment in which to thrive, learn, and succeed."


As Governor of California, Gavin Newsom has been doing an amazing job creating inclusive economic growth and opportunity for young and old, finding innovative solutions to fight gun violence, promoting immigration protection, care for the environment and more.

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